Things To Do

Sheltered by hills and mountain ranges and perched on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean, Gisborne enjoys a Mediterranean climate that’s perfect for exploring.

Hyper Active

If getting amongst the pristine outdoors is a ‘must-do’ on your trip to Gisborne you won’t be disappointed with what the region – and Wainui Beach especially – has to offer.

Surfing: Wow Surf School There is nothing like riding a wave for the first time. Walking on Water Surf School teach all sorts of people to learn to surf, no matter your age or skill level!

Beach running/walking: Take the public beach access just across from the Ocean Beach and walk right 1km down to the old lighthouse or turn left and walk 4km down to the end of the beach.

Biking: Gisborne Cycle Tours Bike rental, day tours and mountain biking options available.

Wainui to Sponge Bay Walkway and Cycle Track  Access just across from Ocean Beach.  Perfect for skateboarding, cycling, running or just walking the dog.


The resort type settings of Ocean Beach and the community of Wainui Beach are conducive to ‘getting in the flow’ with holistic therapies and low-key relaxation. It is after all, part of the local culture! Please consult your hosts when making your reservation should you wish to book the below.

David Tims Holistic Therapy Spinal manipulation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Polarity Therapy, Iridology, Reflexology, massage, Meditations, Vegetarian Cooking and Yin Yoga.

Out and About

Eastwoodhill Arboretum – A 30-minute drive from Gisborne, Eastwoodhill is New Zealand’s largest and finest collection of exotic trees and shrubs. It covers 131 hectares and is located 35 km northwest of Gisborne, in the hill country of Ngatapa. It includes some 4,000 different trees, shrubs and climbers. Easy walking tracks for all levels of fitness. Open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Rere Falls Drive for approximately 30 minutes north-west from Gisborne on the Wharekopae Road towards the Eastwoodhill Arboretum and you will reach the small community of Rere. Heading down to the Wharekopae River will bring you to the Rere Falls and the Rere Rock Slide (we should mention that these are two different parts of the river, just in case you’re wondering if people really slide over the falls!).

Rere Rock Slide – This is one of the free major attractions of the river, which can be used by almost all age groups. The rockslide is a 60-metre-long natural water slide. The rocks have been smoothed by the constantly running water of the Wharekopae River. Boogie boards, inflatable mattresses and inner tubes can be used to slide on and it’s a wild ride. Care should be taken and check in with the locals first, if you’re feeling unsure about racing down it.

Morere Hot Springs – A 40 min drive from Gisborne, these gorgeous hot and cold springs are set amid 364 hectares of rainforest. Rare in the world of hot springs, the Morere Springs produce 250,000 litres a day of hot ancient sea water, known for its therapeutic values. Open from 10am ~ 7 days a week.

Tolaga Bay Wharf – A 45 min drive north of Gisborne is New Zealand’s longest and arguably most beautiful pier. At 660m it takes approximately half an hour to walk to the end and back. This wharf is a legendary place to dangle a fishing line.